…To Be Different to Make a Difference!


 Here’s how it all started…..

 “If you’re writing to inspire, you’re inspiring yourself!” (Anonymous)


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It’s been several years since I first created this blog/webpage with the usual caption – “Welcome to my world! Please check-in again soon for updates……

I didn’t realize then that those updates would take years to see the light of day! Every time I sat down to write something, my mind went blank and I always ended up staring at the constant blinking of the cursor on my empty screen – sometimes for minutes together – until I am finally rescued by some seemingly well-timed facebook updates, messages or phone calls – without ever managing to complete a full sentence!

However, things changed after I finally managed to put together my earlier speech/post – ‘3 Stories of My Life’ wherein I had made an appeal to ‘do little things that can make a big difference for others’ – a post which took several promptings from many, before I could muster-up the courage to click the ‘publish’ button!

The unexpected and overwhelming response not only instigated a moral obligation to live up to the appeal myself – but most importantly, it created an ‘inspiration to inspire’ moment for me to start filling in the blank pages while at same time reaffirming my conviction of what I was always wanted this blog/webpage to be about –

“Discovering one’s passion, daring to be different in its pursuit and a spirit of giving-back – all rolled into one combined initiative to make a difference for self as well as others”

I sincerely believe that a simple experience / knowledge sharing, discussion, advice or suggestion has the potential to create a critical moment in somebody’s life. The ‘3 Stories of My Life’ experience also made me realize that you end up discovering your own moments of inspiration while attempting to create such critical moments for others!

Hence, the incident prompted me to undertake some discernable steps to try and transform this humble initiative into a more ‘sincere’ and organized effort. For a start, I have updated the webpage to – www.daretobedifferent.in – which, you’d agree, aptly epitomizes its new-found intent and direction (thanks to all who have put-in their invaluable suggestions and comments!).

The experience / knowledge sharing has already been kick-started – which going forward will cover wide-ranging topics from different career options to personal finance management to entrepreneurship to socio-economic development (all straight from the horse’s mouth!). But, the near to medium term goal, however, is to eventually grow this initiative into a full-fledged online portal / platform where we can facilitate this on a larger scale and also enable more and more people to join and actively participate!

Hence, thank you very much for joining us here today, at the very start of what I believe would be a very exciting and enriching journey for all involved! No promises though, maybe only one thing – that, this is just the beginning and you will feel right at home because you are in the company of like-minded people who share the same fire and passion combined with a big sharing heart and a desire to make a difference for themselves and the people around!

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 Francis O Haokip

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  1. Its an inspiration from your writing UFrancis, such a model to all. Your life putting it into words has touches me, making me realize to dare again to be different as your words suggest. Thanking You for your valuable words. Please do keep on writing to inspire me with the words that speaks loud and clear.

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